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On Monday, February 20th, the company was awarded with the “Novel Company” prize.

Mikrobiomik recibe el premio a “Empresa Novel”

This award is part of the Euskadi Avanza Awards, organized by the most important local newspaper, El Correo, and Banco Sabadell.

More than three hundred guests, businessmen and institutional authorities, attended the award ceremony of the sixth edition, which took place at the Guggenheim Museum.

The company’s CEO, Juan Basterra, together with part of his team, Celia Morales (Technical Director), Igor Calvo (CFO) and Ziortza Ispizua (Production Manager), went up to receive the award. In his speech, Basterra insisted that in addition to capital, talent is needed because “it is necessary, no matter how much investment there is, without a team, without talent, there is no project,” he said.

El Correo also presented the awards for ‘Company of the Year’ to Gestamp; ‘SME of the Year Award’ to AVS; and the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ to Amaia Gorostiza. The president of the newspaper emphasized that the award winners have searched for permanent improvement by developing a vocation for public service, supported by innovation and competitiveness, attending to the needs of their clients and markets.

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