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Talento femenino en Mikrobiomik

On Friday, March 8th, at Mikrobiomik, we took a moment to honor and celebrate the women who represent 90% of our team of professionals. As a diverse and inclusive group, with women from diverse disciplines such as biology, pharmacy, biochemistry, and economics who not only enrich our projects, but also are leading important departments and perform senior management roles.

To commemorate their invaluable contribution, we held a reflection activity. We recognized the talent and dedication that each of them brings to our company, and shared a snack, marking the end of an intense week of work. At Mikrobiomik, we promote inclusion and value the crucial role that women play in our team.

Their experience and expertise inspire our daily work and push us towards a more equal and promising future. In memory of this special date, on International Women’s Day, we celebrate the excellence and unlimited potential that our professional women bring to our team and to the microbiota field.