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Mikrobiomik is a biopharmaceutical company founded for the research, development, production and commercialization of biologic medicines based on the human microbiome.

At Mikrobiomik we are developing a new generation of biologic medicines based on the human microbiome, focused on serious diseases, currently without therapeutic alternative such as non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, acute diverticulitis or some types of metastatic cancers.

Our first biologic medicine under investigation, MBK-01, aimed at treating intestinal infection caused by Clostridioides difficile, has finalized the phase III clinical trial, and obtained optimistically results and is expected to be launched on the European market in the first half of 2025.


Our current shareholders, in addition to the founding partners, include:

  • Orza, a direct investment entity, belonging to the Elkarkidetza and Geroa pension funds.
  • Seed Capital Bizkaia, a public company attached to the Department of Economic Promotion of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, which is strongly committed to fostering innovation, social impact and the promotion and regeneration of the entrepreneurial network in Bizkaia.
  • San Ignacio S.L, a “family office” specially oriented to support disruptive projects.


APRIL 2024

We are launching a strategic investment round together with CaixaBank to launch MBK-01

Mikrobiomik has given CaixaBank CIB the exclusive mandate to assist in the search for potential investors for this round of capital, aimed primarily at Venture Capital, both national and international; Corporate Capital; institutional investors and professional Family Offices.

The funds raised will be used mainly to expand Mikrobiomik’s manufacturing capacity to meet the expected demand for the biological medicine MBK-01. It will also help to increase our current staff of 20 people, to accelerate other clinical trials the company has underway and to launch new projects currently in its pipeline.

APRIL 2024

Capital increase €1M

A new capital increase for the amount of 1 million euros, has been completed. This new fund raising is another accomplishment that demonstrates the commitment of the current partners with the company and Mikrobiomik project.

One of the main destinations of the funds will be to support the costs involved in the preparation of the regulatory dossier to be submitted on a centrally way to the EMA (Europe Agency of Medicines), with the aim of market MBK-01 in the first half of 2025.


Capital increase €1.1 M

We have confirmed a capital increase worth 1.1 million euros. This milestone is materialized thanks to the exclusive contribution of its current partners, who are determined to fulfill their initial mission: launch their investigational biological medicine, MBK-01, onto the European market.

Since its founding in 2018, Mikrobiomik has raised a significant sum of capital, demonstrating the trust and support of partners, such as Orza and Seed Capital Bizkaia. In addition, 11 other partners, including family offices and founding partners, have believed in the project since its inception.