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These are the organizations we work with.

Achieving our challenges would not be possible without them.

From the discovery phase to the commercialization authorization of a drug, we interact with a multitude of companies, our suppliers.

Without them, it would be impossible to reach the goal, so the success of a biopharmaceutical company like Mikrobiomik relies on the proper selection of its partners, with the aim of completing, responsibly, all the stages of this long and laborious path, always under the focus of excellence and quality of all our processes.

Mikrobiomik is rated as an SME (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise) by the EMA (European Medicines Agency)

Mikrobiomik has signed an agreement to transfer know-how and technology with the FIBHGM (Biomedical Research Foundation of the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid) under which the stool bank that has pioneered faecal microbiota transplants in Spain will transfer exclusively to Mikrobiomik the knowledge and expertise accumulated over more than 5 years at the Clinical Microbiology Unit of the Gregorio Marañón Teaching Hospital, a pioneer in the treatment of recurrent clostridium difficile through faecal microbiota transplantation.

Mikrobiomik has received support from the programme for the creation of innovative new companies run by Beaz, a publicly-owned company answerable to the Provincial Council of Bizkaia whose goal is to support companies and entrepreneurs in their efforts to create new projects, to innovate and to internationalise. For more than 30 years Beaz has worked in the definition and management of some of the aids granted by the Provincial Department of Economic and Territorial Development, and offers various services that support business growth.



Development of new medications based on the human microbiome.
Financed by the CDTI/NEOTEC initiative – Spain’s Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Logos Ayudas Neotec


Project BKM-01 – Development of a pharmaceutical based on faecal microbiota for treating patients with a clostridium difficile infection (CDI)
Dossier no.: ZL-2020/00259.
Programme for subsiding corporate R&D – Hazitek.
Project co-funded by the Basque government and the European Union through the 2014-2020 European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Logos Gobierno Vasco y Fondo Europeo
Pyme innovadora
Colaboración FEDER


Project nº 2022/00655 – OSASUNBERRI Project

Research project and acquisition of scientific-technological infrastructures.
Action financed by the Basque Government 2022.

Certificado Proyecto Osasunberri


Financed by ENISA


In vitro study of the gastrointestinal tract resistance of new generation gastroresistant fecal microbiota capsules.

It has been financed by the “Diputación Foral de Bizkaia” within the Technological Checks 2022 Program and is co-financed by the FEDER (European Regional Development Fund).

Logo Diputación Foral Bizkaia
Logo fondo europeo de Desarrollo Regional