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we save human lives through the microbiota

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A new generation of biological medicines based on the intestinal microbiota that offers a solution to serious diseases with unmet medical needs.

We are a biopharmacy company, born to research, develop and manufacture biological medicines based on intestinal microbiota.

MBK-01: A biological medicine for multiple indications

Lideramos el cambio de paradigma que supondrá diseñar soluciones terapéuticas a partir de la microbiota intestinal.

Upon completion of our Phase III clinical trial, ICD-01, we will be the first company worldwide to market the first gut microbiota-based biologic medicine in the EU in 2025 to treat Clostridioides Difficileboth for primary episodes and recurrences.

We have other clinical trials underway, for different indications such as the treatment of metabolic dysfunction associated with steatohepatitis (MASH), for acute uncomplicated diverticulitis and a proof of concept for the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer.

Cápsula del medicamento de Mikrobiomik

Topline Results clinical trial ICD-01, for the indication of the treatment of Clostridoides difficile infection

Final results presentation: Juan Barrero de la Rubia – Project Controller at SERMES CRO

Discussion – Dr. Javier Cobo Reinoso – Clinical trial Cordinator – Ramón y Cajal Hospital

About compassionate use case, (ELA patient): Dra. Maria Varela Cerdeira- La Paz Hospital


Our commitment is to save lives, by leading the R&D of biologic medicines.


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We collaborate with various partners. Without them our development would not be possible.

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