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Research, development and manufacture of biological drugs based on the human microbiome.







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At Mikrobiomik we provide novel solutions based on the human microbiome, aimed at serious diseases, currently with no effective therapeutic alternative.

We are Mikrobiomik

We are a biopharmaceutical company born to research, develop, manufacture and commercialize through third parties, innovative biological drugs based on the intestinal microbiota, aimed at serious diseases with no effective therapeutic alternative.

We want to lead the paradigm shift that will involve designing therapeutic solutions from the human microbiome and be the first biopharmaceutical company in the world to market, MBK-01, the first biological drug based on fecal microbiota in the indication of primary and recurrent infection by Clostridioides difficile, through an innovative format of 4 capsules FSPIM (Full Spectrum & Purified Intestinal Microbiota) in a single dose.