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Mikrobiomik was shortlisted as a finalist for the 2nd CEBEK Emprende awards, sponsored by the Bizkaia Business Confederation.

Mikrobiomik recibe el premio Cebek Emprende

Left to right: Francisco Javier Azpiazu (CEBEK), Juan Basterra CEO of Mikrobiomik and Marta Martínez (CEBEK).

“The CEBEK Emprende awards acknowledge entrepreneurial spirit, business values and innovative schemes, and support recently-incorporated companies that contribute to the economic and social development of Bizkaia”. – states Juan Basterra, CEO of Mikrobiomik – “We are confident that next year, with a more structured, firmly consolidated company, we will be rated highly enough to win the award.”

Mikrobiomik is a bio-pharmaceutical start-up which was founded with the goal of becoming the first company in the world to register faecal microbiota as a biological medicine in the EU, for use in cases of recurrent Clostridium difficile.