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Premio del Banco Santander para Mikrobiomik

On Tuesday July 4th, Mikrobiomik was awarded with the “SME Bizkaia” prize in the category of Social Responsibility.  We competed along with 1800 other SMEs that signed up to participate and present their projects to the call cited by the Santander Bank. The event took place in the Bank’s building, located in the iconic Squared Moyua in Bilbao.

We know that we are developing therapeutic solutions with a biological drug based on intestinal microbiota, which is disruptive for the pharmaceutical sector, but we firmly believe (and the intermediate results prove it) in its efficacy and we are sure that we will save many lives. That is why we are proud of receiving the award for social responsibility.

The award is organized by Banco Santander Spain and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, with the collaboration of the news group El Correo.

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