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Mikrobiomik is a bio-pharmaceutical company headquartered in Derio, near Bilbao (Spain) that belongs to the CEBEK business association in the province of Bizkaia. It has been awarded the 2020 CEBEK Emprende Prize for start-ups.

This accolade recognises the company for robustly upholding the most characteristic features of businesses in the province of Bizkaia: commitment, engagement, innovation and competitiveness.

Premio Cebek emprende para Mikrobiomik

Mikrobiomik caters for the entire value chain in R&D&i, as it involves the initial research into the human microbiome to develop innovative medications that clearly improve the health of patients with a range of diseases, from digestive tract complaints such as ulcerative colitis though to autistic spectrum disorders. This Basque bio-pharmaceutical company has taken faecal microbiota transportation (FMT) one step further by providing for its administration through the production of lyophilised oral capsules of faecal microbiota.

Following a year that has been so severely impacted by the health agenda, there is a greater need than ever for cutting-edge bio-pharmaceutical companies such as Mikrobiomik, which design and manufacture pharmaceutical products to improve people’s health.

See the prize-giving ceremony