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Seed Capital Bizkaia takes 3% stake in shares of Mikrobiomik.

Under its remit to promote innovative business ventures, on 11 March Seed Capital Bizkaia acquired 3% of the shares of Mikrobiomik.

Juan Basterra (CEO Mikrobiomik) y Oscar Ugarte (Director General de Seed Capital Bizkaia).

Juan Basterra (CEO of Mikrobiomik) and Oscar Ugarte (General Manager of Seed Capital Bizkaia)

“We are most interested in supporting companies such as Mikrobiomik. They are just the type of innovative businesses that we are looking to invest in” states Oscar Ugarte, General Manager of Seed Capital Bizkaia.

Mikrobiomik CEO Juan Basterra says that “the entry of Seed Capital Bizkaia will enable Mikrobiomik to complete Phase III of its leading product -MBK-01- with a view to becoming the first company in the world to market a biological medicament based on intestinal microbiota in the EU”. Moreover, he adds, “the fact that a publicly-run company at provincial level is taking a stake in Mikrobiomik is a vote of confidence in our project that encourages us to continue pursuing our dream of bringing the product to market as soon as possible”.

A new generation of medicaments

The value-added of the therapeutic treatment offered by Mikrobiomik in the form of freeze-dried oral capsules based on faecal microbiota is that it avoids the risks inherent in the invasive procedures used to date, such as colonoscopy and nasoduodenal tubes. Mikrobiomik aspires to be the first company in the world to market a biological medicament based on intestinal microbiota across the EU, to treat certain serious problems for which there is no other effective therapy.

About Mikrobiomik

Mikrobiomik  is a Basque biopharmaceutical company set up to research, develop and manufacture medicaments based on the human microbiome. It seeks to be the first company in the world to market a medicament based on intestinal microbiota across the EU. It also seeks to lead a paradigm shift based on process excellence, towards the design of therapies based on the human microbiome, working with empathy for patients who have no effective treatments available, always from an ethos of cooperation with all stakeholders in the sector.

About Seed Capital Bizkaia

Seed Capital Bizkaia, is a publicly-run closed-end collective investment management firm answerable to the Department for Economic Promotion of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia. Its remit is to administer and manage a range of financing instruments. It was founded in 1989 and now has a track record of more than 30 years striving to encourage innovation, impact on society, promotion and regeneration in the fabric of business in Bizkaia.