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Juan Basterra, CEO of Mikrobiomik

As part of the campaign promoted by AseBio (Spanish Association of Biotechnology Companies) called “Stories that give life”, created to position biotechnology as a strategic and high value sector in Spain. Mikrobiomik has been selected among all its partners to participate, precisely for being considered as a company that works to improve the quality of life of people in the country, through our investigational medicine MBK-01, developed for the clinical trial already concluded (ICD-01) that has successfully treated multiple patients diagnosed with Clostridioides difficile infection.

During the interview with our CEO, Dr. Juan Basterra, he tells us about the origin of the founding of Mikrobiomik, back in 2018, together with two of the founding partners and at the same time talks about the present and future of the company, and its aspiration to reach the European market in 2025, being nowadays the closest investigational medicine based on intestinal microbiota to the market throughout Europe..

We invite you to watch the full interview.