Discover the Mikrobiomik team

Mikrobiomik is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of experts focused on making it the first company in the world to market the first biological medicament based on faecal microbiota in the EU, for recurrent Clostridium difficile.

Equipo de Mikrobiomik

Arancha Hevia – Production Manager

Holder of a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Oviedo.
PhD in Biotechnology from IPLA-CSIC.
Research experience in human intestinal microbiome. TwitterLinkedin

Ziortza Ispizua – Senior Laboratory Technician

Over 18 years’ experience in Research, Quality Systems and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) in different areas of biotechnology and health. Linkedin

Juan Basterra – CEO

Holder of a degree in Medicine.
MBA from the Commercial University of Deusto.
Over 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceuticals industry. TwitterLinkedin

Celia Morales – Technical Manager

Holder of a Degree in Pharmacy.
PhD in Cellular Biology & Histology.
20 years’ experience in translational biomedical research.
5 years focused on transferring the production of advanced therapies to clean rooms under GMP standards, in compliance with the directives of the AEMPS (Spanish Medicines & Health Products Agency). Linkedin

Emma López

Degree in Pharmacy, University of Navarre. Master’s degree in Research, Development and Innovation in Medications, University of Navarre. Over 10 years’ experience in quality departments in the pharmaceutical industry. Linkedin